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Our DASH team offers cutting edge digital advertising in Hawaii from a locally-trusted company.  We know your specific island market and have been working within it for decades.

Targeted Display • Programmatic Video • OTT/CTV • Social

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Local News & Influencers

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National Brand Affiliates

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Targeted Reach

Using specific geography, website & social  retargeting and massive parter websites, our team here in Hawaii will build an effective campaign.

24/7 Reporting

Easily access your dashboard anytime for our audience tracking tools.  Monitor specific viewer actions and learn about your audience.

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Local Knowledge

With decades of Hawaii marketing experience, our team carries proprietary data and market knowledge for you to deliver the best message to the right people.

In Good Company

Our product suite goes well-beyond online ads, social influence and local news.  In order for your brand to effectively reach your ideal audience at every touch point, we also have 20 Hawaii radio stations, control of all advertising at 6 of the State’s airports, and 2 statewide visitor TV channels.

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Join Hawaii’s leading businesses.

We Believe

In maximizing our customer’s satisfaction, we will deserve and will earn their continued loyalty. Our goal is to have long-term, mutually profitable relationships.