Programmatic Advertising

June 17, 2021

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Digital advertising can get really complicated even before digging into specific channels.  Advertising geared towards display, video, social, and mobile can be difficult to arrange for prices that fit within your budget and optimized for positive returns.

With Programmatic Advertising, deep learning (artificial intelligence) helps you purchase targeted ad space across popular websites, apps, and channels where your ideal customer spends time.  Ad space at auction is negotiated on your behalf in order to get you the best price.


How do I use Programmatic Advertising to reach Hawaii visitors and locals?

PMG is able to take advantage of discounted unsold ad space across premium ad networks.  Utilizing Real Time Bidding, we’re able to target your audience specifically.  Your ads will be placed in front of your customer by our matching website/app visitor data matching.


Still fuzzy on the details?

It doesn’t matter how it works.  When it comes down to it, what matters is putting your marketing dollars towards advertising that gets directly in front of your target customer at the best price, ultimately driving positive ROI.  PMG representatives at DASH (Digital Advertising Specialists Hawaii) will research your business and ideal customer then program ad space on 3rd party premium inventory.


Now, there are other companies offering programmatic advertising too.  What sets PMG apart?


2 things:

1 – We literally have boots on the ground in your market.  We know each region of each Hawaiian Island, having had decades of experience with clients across the Hawaiian Islands.  We know who your customer is, what makes them buy your product, and where they live online.

2 – On top of the premium inventory programmed to serve the perfect ad to your customer, we also have exclusive web properties owned and operated by our team!  That means, your programmatic ads will be paired with ads on our privately-owned local news platforms for each island and across our immensely popular social profiles (we have millions of followers, comprised of a nice mix of local and visitors.)


PMG delivers over 1 million advertisements in Hawaii EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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Author: Chris Norberg

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